Crop Circles: Quest For Truth Debunks Myth that

Crop Circles are Hoaxes

New Film by Academy Award Nominated Director Willliam Gazecki Set for Nationwide Release August  2nd

Los Angeles, CA.  -  Crop Circles: Quest  for Truth, the newest film by William Gazecki,  is the follow-up to his highly successful WACO: The Rules of Engagement, for which he received an Academy Award Nomination. In keeping with the objective nature with which Mr. Gazecki attacks his subject matter, Crop Circles: Quest for Truth tackles the highly controversial topic of whether or not Crop Circles are real.

Crop Circles: Quest for Truth is a highly charged look at all aspects of the Crop Circle phenomenon: the appearance of exquisite geometric patterns that have been appearing for years in fields all over the world. Through extensive interviews and visually stunning cinematography this feature length documentary film offers us a rare glimpse into the inner sanctum of Crop Circle experts and aficionados. It explores the prevailing theories about the origin and nature of Crop Circles and serves up the latest science, defying notions that all crop circles are hoaxes. At the same time, it delves into the possible implications for us and the future of Planet Earth. “Besides the visual impact of these formations, I want people to experience them on another level. There is something more at work here than just images in a field.”

The film will go into wide release on August 2nd backed by a major national marketing and public relations campaign. Crop Circles: Quest for Truth was shot on location in England and includes breathtaking footage of Crop Circles from around the world.  It was shot using the latest digital technology and will be released in 35mm and Dolby 5.1. 

The award-winning composer David Hamilton provides the evocative music to accompany beautiful and sometimes disturbing images.  “To some, Crop Circles present a notion of fear and I wanted to overcome this with a magnificent music score which is both soothing and exhilarating,” stated Gazecki.

Crop Circles: Quest for Truth will be available on video and DVD for the home video and educational markets. “Because of the limited scientific knowledge available I’m hopeful that this film will inspire public debate facilitating a deeper study of the phenomenon in institutions of higher learning,” concluded Gazecki.

Running time is 120 minutes.