is the official website for Crop Circles: Quest for Truth, a film from William Gazecki

William is a documentary film producer based in San Francisco, California, whose projects support the evolution of human and environmental health, growth, and stability. William is best known for his Academy-Award nominated and Emmy-winning theatrical documentary, "WACO: The Rules of Engagement.”

He seeks to tackle complex issues with an enlightened investigative approach. The aim is to reveal penetrating insights into the world in which we live, while providing practical options for change. William’s projects embrace controversy, question assumptions, and shift paradigms.

Go see Crop Circles: Quest for Truth, and other films from Wililam Gazecki, and let us hear from you!

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08.21 Crop Circles: Quest for Truth, premiered at the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences, Los Angeles.
08.18 Register Early! For the LIVE CHAT with Gazecki on LYCOS 5pm, Friday 8.23. 5pm!
08.15 William Gazecki spoke to a packed house at Borders in Westwood, LA